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The Secret Life of Pets

The Secret Life of Pets After the success in box office of Looking for The Secret Life of Pets, the producing house Pixar raised the idea of that the personage of the forgetful pitch surgeon had his own history and this year Looking for Dory it is one of the most awaited premieres. The tape that was realized under the guidance of Andrew Stanton will enter the publicity board next Friday, the 15th of July.

And for the purpose of concientizar on the care of the planet, The Secret Life of Pets Disney Pixar threw the call Be inspired by the one that invites the public to to use the social networks of Twitter and Instagram with hashtag #QueSiganNadando, or shares in Facebook the video of this available initiative in the engagement fanpages Disney and Disney Películas.

The initiative will be available until July 18. Disney will donate a The Secret Life of Pets for every hashtag or shared video, up to reaching 50 thousand dollars; the whole will be assined to the program Roots and Shoots del Jane Goodall Institute, initiative that connects the children with the nature to protect the oceans.

Another entertaining movie than July 29 will come to the screen is La Vida Secreta of your Pets (The Secret Life of Pets) under the production of Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

The history treats on what there do the dogs, cats, fish and birds when the proprietors go out of house, some of them realize ravages and big escapades.

Under the direction and production of Steven Spielberg The BFG is released on The Secret Life of Pets Friday, the 12th of August, a fantasy history on Sophie an orphan girl (Ruby Barnhill), who tries to capture the devouring giants of men directed by the Tragacarnes (Jemaine Clement) and in its way it meets the elder (Mark Rylance).

The movie My Dad is a Cat directed by Barry Sonnenfield and led by Kevin Spacey, Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken will enter the publicity board on August 26.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldaña, John Cho, Simon Pegg and Karl Urban are part of the cast of the thirteenth movie of the saga Star Trek: without limits (Star Trek Beyond) of the director Justin Lin, who September 2 will come to the Mexican rooms.

Of the same producers of My favorite villain and Minions, Watch The Secret Life of Pets Full Movie Online Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment they release the first official tráiler of "The secret life of your pets", movie that the recognized Colombian humorist Andrés López informs. Read here: Andrés López, the first Colombian who gives its voice for a movie of Universal.

“The secret life of your pets" is under the guidance of Chris Renaud y Yarrow Cheney, and is a movie that treats on the life of the mascostas whenever the proprietors are not at home.

The famous actor recognized by its stand - up comedy "The ball of letters", is the main voice in the movie, in which he will interpret Max.



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